Welcome to the family, Snoogle


We’re having a threesome. Me, my hubby and my snoogle, all cozy in one queen size bed. You might look at this photo and wonder what in the wild wild world of sports did I just buy???! (Points if you know what movie I grabbed that quote from). Well kids, this is the latest and greatest pregnancy pillow to hit the market yet. I did a ton of research (remember I’m a pregnancy nerd I research and read up on all this stuff (so you don’t have to) and this pillow seems to win out over any of the others. I bought it on Amazon and although it wasn’t the cheapest (or the most expensive) option, it was by far the best and worth it. We’ll have this pillow through out the pregnancy and I have a feeling it’ll be around for nursing as well.

When my husband came home to see this pillow on our bed he gave me a REALLY hard time (once he finished laughing hysterically). He thought it was ridiculous looking and could not believe how much of the bed it took up. I said I hadn’t even tried it yet I had just washed it (always wash the cover when you take it out of the box, before using) and put it on the bed. Now let me be clear, when I say he gave me a really hard time I don’t mean he was nasty what I mean is he took this as an amazing opportunity to make fun of me (one of the many ways he’s a lot like my brother who teases me as a show of love, of course). I mean, come on the name is “Snoogle” it looks like a big snake, it takes up most of my side of the bed, it’s totally weird and also…it seems premature because I’m not even showing yet!

Okay okay so here’s the skinny on why I bought this thing before I even started showing. It’s because I haven’t slept through the night in 3 months. That’s right! Not one night. Why? I can’t get comfortable. My boobs are heavy and big and hurt when I toss and turn. I’m not supposed to sleep on my back or my stomach anymore. My lower back is starting to bother me at night (because my uterus is doing it’s growing and pushing things thang) and oh yeah, I have to pee every couple of hours, so I’m waking up anyway (again, uterus thanks so much for pushing on my bladder- awesome). Instead of continuing to suffer every single night I decided to take matters into my own hands and buy the pillow I’d been reading and hearing about.

I had been working in the other room while my husband was reading at his desk in our bedroom that night. Upon entering our bedroom for the first times since all the teasing about the Snoogle I was stopped dead in my tracks by a sight I mean a sight for sore eyes! What was it? My husband, all cozied up not at his desk mind you, no no no…but reading on his ipad laying all wrapped up and happy on my damn Snoogle. The first one to snuggle the Snoogle? My teasing sarcastic husband. Don’t think I let that go for one minute.

All teasing aside, that first night with my Snoogle was the first full nights sleep I had in 3 whole months and I woke up rested and sooooo happy! That doesn’t mean the teasing has stopped, no sir. The next night my husband joked that he couldn’t believe we were having a threesome….him, me and Snoogle. The joking won’t stop but neither will my sleeping through the night! Snoogle, welcome to the family. Prepare to develop thick skin.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the family, Snoogle

    • It IS heavenly I swear it’s amazing the way it props your head, your legs and creates the perfect side snuggle position for restful nights. I have friends who’ve loved it just as much as I do!

      • I sent the amazon link to my guy and we ordered one. I am so excited. I blame you, but its okay. Haha

        It hasn’t arrived yet but I know we will be sleepily fighting over it. Hahaha I can’t wait.

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