“No matter what, make sure your nails always look nice”- My mom

Safe nails1

Perhaps you’re like me and you can hear your mom inside your head saying “No matter what, make sure your nails always look nice” or perhaps you just dig the polished look. This thought came from my mom’s mom (who’s now 93 and yes, her nails look stunning) and has somehow made it’s way into my brain. I totally have an “oh my God my nails look terrible, I can’t go out like this” complex and really do try to have nice looking nails as much as possible (even if they’re painted black which is a look I love). Plus, who doesn’t love a little mani-pedi action whether you do it yourself or get it done at a salon. Well ladies, I am here to tell you that just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to ditch the manis and pedis! In fact quite the opposite!

If you’re concerned about the harsh chemicals in polish and polish removers with pregnancy, you have every right to be. That’s why you really should avoid them. Lucky for us, we now have more options than ever with pregnancy safe polish, removers, base coats and top coats. I have done some trial and error with this myself. As soon as we started TTC, I started using the safe products (just in case we did conceive, I didn’t want to risk the chemicals on my body).


Here are my favorite brands many of which are now available in nail salons and all of which you can find online. I also found a pretty great nail polish remover (it takes a bit longer to get the polish off but it’s totally worth the peace of mind).





The important things to look for when picking nail polish and products that are pregnancy safe are:

What’s known as the “Toxic Trio,” Toulene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde. These chemicals can seep through your system right to your developing baby. It’s SO not worth it ladies.

Once you’ve invested in these safer polishes, the good news is, if you end up having a little girl then you can use this polish on her one day! Coming from a long line of women who think your nails should always look nice, it’ll be interesting to see if I end up programing my little girl the same way!

A note about manicures and pedicures at the salon: Make SURE to tell the nail technician that you are pregnant. It’s very important they know this as they may tweak the massage or what they use on you. I recommend bringing your own nail polish and remover in a bag with your own nail tools. This is not the time to get an infection from a nail salon ladies! Also make sure to check the over all cleanliness of the nail place. You have to make sure it’s pregnancy safe. I’d also make sure they have the water warm but not hot as pregnant women shouldn’t soak it extreme heat in general.

There’s nothing like that foot massage while you’re getting a pedicure. When you’re pregnant the foot massages can’t possibly happen to often.  I swear I live for it right now! If you can’t get a pedicure then go for it and ask your partner for a little foot rub and paint your own nails. It’ll be just as awesome if not more.

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