Morning Sickness or All Day Sickness: How To Make It Through

Ginger Root

Ginger Root

If you are reading this blog because you are suffering from “morning sickness” or as I like to call it “all day sickness” then first off, my heart goes out to you because this is ROUGH STUFF! Hopefully I can give you some tips and tricks that I found worked for me (with lots of trial and error). First of all, know you are not alone. Many women experience this during the first trimester and you’re in good company. Also this usually gets better as you ease into the second trimester. So you have that to look forward to. Very few women are sick their entire pregnancy although I know it feels like it will never end when it’s happening to you.

What Worked for Me:

Ginger! Ginger! More Ginger! I found that eating or drinking ginger helped to calm my nausea. I bought ginger candy and would always have it in my purse. At home I would buy ginger root, peel it and boil it in water to make a tea (very strong but really works) or I would just use organic ginger tea bags you can buy at the store. I’d add ginger to food I was cooking and we were always stocked up on ginger beer (the good stuff not ginger ale that is full of bad for you chemicals). It’s VERY important to stay hydrated while pregnant but when you are nauseous water can often times make the feeling worse. So, in order to get my water down, I would add some ginger beer to it- even a splash would go a long way. Plus the bubbles do help settle the tummy as well.

Eating! You do not feel like eating but you have to eat! In fact, eating just might make you feel better even though it’s the last thing you want to do. What I suggest trying is to eat very small amounts of food often. Do not sit and eat a huge meal it’ll make you feel horrible, trust me. Even if you’re out with others don’t worry what they will think- you have to take care of you and baby right now, they can deal. Just eat a little bit and let it digest and ease through until you feel you can stomach another little bit of food later and so on. The thing you must know is that the first weeks of pregnancy are extremely important and that a growing fetus needs certain kinds of foods. The reality is, you really need to try to force yourself to get some nutrition down even if you’re sick. I like this link to help you know what’s the most important and in what foods you can easily get it from. The bottom line is, it’s not all about you right now and so despite your tummy you have to take care of this growing fetus which means, you need to try to feed it the right stuff.

The New Saltine: It’s been programmed into our brain that when we’re nauseous we should just eat saltine crackers all day. Well this absolutely might make you feel better BUT you are not getting any nutritional value out of doing this and sort of wasting your ability to get food down completely. That said- crackers help! Carbs help! It’s totally true. (Also this is not a time to be anti-carb ladies. Carbs are your friend right now plus have you noticed you are pregnant and not on a diet)! Try this…go to the local health store and stock up on a few different types of multi-grain or high protein and fiber style crackers. Try noshing on those puppies next time your nausea hits! It should help and at least you are feeding your fetus some good nutrition at the same time. Try it with a side of ginger tea and you may just feel a whole lot better soon!

Most important…hang in there. This is such a hard part but it will pass. Oh and have your partner do what mine did, he reminded me every time I felt so miserable I was on the verge (or past the verge) of tears that…this means the pregnancy is moving forward and the fetus is okay. It’s true. If you feel sick- this is a great sign that things are progressing. So just keep reminding yourself and have your partner do the same. It is the one thing that can make it totally okay to feel totally not okay.

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