Creating a pregnancy safe home!

02_APC_51_1Okay so your body is on the right path, you’re getting in to see your doctors, taking your folic acid, removing your goalie, picking your OB and now you need to do one more thing….get your home baby making friendly! It’s not just what we put into our body but it’s what we touch with our skin, what we breathe in, that needs to be baby making safe. This part can cost you a bit of money but I swear it’s so worth it for the peace of mind. Go into your cabinets, under your sink, into the laundry area of your house and throw out everything UNLESS it’s non-toxic and baby safe. If it is- keep it honey you’re a step ahead of the game! Then, go to amazon or your local store and replace these items with cleaning supplies and agents that are safe. Here’s a list of the brands I recommend:

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

Seventh Generation




Once you’ve switched over you can just continue using these safe products because trust me, once you get pregnant, it’s crucial not to be touching and inhaling chemicals. It’s all for the safety of the baby.

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